Brand Trustworthy
Entered 5 cities in the UK, served over 20,000 tenants, managed 400 properties
Beijing Hanland Management & Consulting Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of rich investment in the UK real estate market, seamlessly connecting local resources in all aspects. As a bridge connecting of Sino-British real
More Stable Returns
Strictly choosing high-quality tenants and reduce bad rental behavior
Timely rent, strong house rental capacity, no need to worry about vacant housing
Hanland household service customizes ,24小時為租客提供服務
Housing Protection
Exclusive household service & agency rental, 24-hour home repair
Agency rental:
Tenant is Guaranteed
Strictly choosing high-quality tenants and reduce bad rental behavior
We strictly chooses the tenants. The signatory is consistent with the actual resident. If there is a legitimate job or a student, they need to provide passport
Landlord Story
Mr. Andy
I invested in a property in Liverpool in the early days. The developer dragged on for 2 years before handing over the property. The former homebuyer consultant could be conntacted, and the house was left there. I heard that my friend bought a house in Manchester, England. From the previous period, I bought a house and went to the later stage to get the income very smoothly. Hanland can also accept other British properties.
Ms. He
I have already invested in the second set of British real estate through Hanland. Both Manchester City and Sheffield have property, and the income is relatively stable. In the summer of 2017, I signed up with Hanland customized study group and visit the property and several schools for a few days. Hanland assisted me with a 10-year business visa. It is really rare to have such a professional “British local pass”.
Mr. Li
My daughter lived in the homestay of Hanland at the University of Manchester. Now it is getting bigger, called Hanland household service. But I am still not too sure so that I visited the Hanland office in Beijing by myself. Now I have bought a property through Hanland, and my daughter has graduated. Every year, I can take the rent of the British pound for a long time.
Overseas property management
Clarify Delegation Information
Real Estate Investment Department Customer Service
Custom Rental Plan
Staff on-site survey in Britain
custom a rental delegation plan
A Hanland Landlord
Signing a property delegation agreement
Enjoy Property Management Services of Hanland
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